Kit Carson, California

The Sierras have plenty of space to explore, stretching 400 miles from north-to-south and roughly 70 miles wide. It's home to some of California's finest outdoor destinations, including Mount Whitney, Tahoe, and Yosemite. We landed in Kit Carson, a small unpopulated area about an hour south of Tahoe on Silver Lake. The pictures pretty much tell the whole story. It's worth a visit. 

I'm a terrible historian. The trip got me wondering who the hell this Kit Carson character was. He was raised in Missouri, one of 15 children. He trekked around the frontier mountains of the West for most of the 1800s. Among other things, dude fought in the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, and led a full-fledged battle against the Apache Indians. Rightfully so, he's a villain to some historians and a prolific force in developing the West to others. Regardless, it's kind of rad to have a little town in your name, especially this one.